The Numbers

  • cheakMint Cost : 0.3 SOL
  • cheakSupply : 618
  • cheakFile Hosting : Arweave
Welcome To

Ape Combat Club

The most exclusive organisation on the Solana Network


Ape Combat Club is a collection of battle hardened warrior apes found on the Solana blockchain.

The project will be launched on the Solana blockchain, primarily for 3 reasons. 1. Cheaper fees for our community 2. Allows us to surprise our community with airdrops/ surprises at a lower cost 3. WE LOVE SOLANA!

618, any that remain from the WL will be available for public purchase

24/02/22 and 0.65 SOL

Minting will be from 24/02/22 to 27/02/22, Whitelisters will be able to mint on 24/02/22 between 16:00 UTC to 23:00 UTC, then it will be open for public sale